Our environmental policy

January 2021

Caversham Lawn Tennis Club believes that it is appropriate and beneficial for its present and future members to define and operate an Environmental Policy to help to minimise the club’s impact on the local and global environment.

It is the club’s policy to:

  • Operate a strong culture of environmental responsibility and promote environmental awareness within the club
  • Comply with and support the requirements of local and national environmental legislation and guidelines
  • Comply with or exceed the requirements and guidelines of the Lawn Tennis Association, to which the club is affiliated
  • Minimise energy use and use sustainable suppliers
  • Minimise water usage and reduce any losses
  • Minimise wastage in all areas such as consumables
  • Maximise re-use and recycling where possible
  • Minimise disturbance to wildlife and improve the local environment to their benefit
  • Minimise excess light and noise where possible
  • Encourage environmentally secure transport methods to/from the club and to away fixtures
  • Minimise impact of cleaning and maintenance materials
  • Apply a policy of continual improvement with periodic review of performance
  • Support local environmental initiatives in the community