Playing opportunities for all

Members enjoy a range of playing opportunities, from privately organised games to social sessions to competitive county league matches.

The men's and ladies first teams are in the first divisions of their Berkshire leagues, securing a number of league titles in recent times.

Several internal competitions are held throughout the year, with the summer season culminating with the Club Championships in July.

Elite tennis

We’re proud that many Caversham players regularly represent Berkshire, in age groups from under 10 to over 60! Some even compete in international events.

If you hope to play in our higher teams, introduce yourself to our ‘Welcome’ team. They’ll organise a hit so you get an idea where you fit.

Teams at many levels

We believe in team opportunities for many.

We enter as many senior, junior and vets teams as possible in local leagues, as well as regional and national events. Some who joined the club as raw beginners now enjoy the camaraderie of team tennis. Join us, join our team practices and year-round inter-club match play.

Club teams have an active programme of competitions

We field some 25 teams during the year, including the following:

Men's team captains

1st - Paul Lomas
2nd - Charlie Benn
3rd - Kevin Byrne
4th - Melvyn Hayden
5th - Melvyn Hayden
6th - Neeraj Sharma


1st - Alison Longfield
2nd - Hayley Underwood
3rd - Shashi Gadgil
4th - Nazia Van San
5th - Tracey Powell
6th - Jacqui Charles-Jones


1st - Laura Godfrey
2nd - Laura Godfrey
3rd - Nazia Van San
4th - Nazia Van San
5th and 6th - Clare Diggle

Ladies overall and mixed captain - Hayley Underwood

Men’s overall captain - VACANT

Summer Season

In the outdoor season, every Tuesday and Thursday evening is dedicated adult club night. These club night sessions are incredibly popular and well attended.

Play is organised by the tennis coaches from 1830 on a Tuesday and from 1730 on Thursdays. Play continues until dark. You will often find the coaches joining in with the on-court fun as well.

There are other times when group social play takes place as follows:

  • Wednesdays 1300-1500
  • Friday veterans tennis group
  • Saturday morning social tennis

Self organised social play

Members can come along and play singles or doubles whenever the courts are available. The club newsletter which is sent out weekly most of the year, will give details of court availability. Court availability is also shown on the home page.

Beginners and rusty racquets

Beginners are very much welcome, and you are never a beginner for long.

The coaching team runs new beginners' introduction courses which are a great way for anyone new to the sport to get involved in a non-pressurised and friendly atmosphere.

There is also the opportunity to have a free 20 minute assessment (15 minutes on court followed by a 5 minute chat). Here we will listen to exactly what you want from your tennis and then find the perfect fit for you in either the coaching programme or club social tennis.

We want you to be successful and really enjoy your tennis, so why not contact us today on 0118 947 4566.

Winter season

Dome block bookings

Members and non-members (subject to payment of a non-member fee) can book a weekly dome slot in advance on the basis of a 12-week term, one before Christmas and one after Christmas.

Thursday night drills

There are three one-hour sessions graded by the coaches. Each session is designed to combine some high intensity tennis drills, coaching and match play set at a level appropriate for the group.

Indoor coaching programme

The club’s junior and adult coaching programme takes place on the indoor courts during the indoor season.

Junior club night

Junior Club night is held every Friday during term time. Play is outdoors but moves onto the indoor courts once the dome goes up.

Saturday social play

Play some friendly, social tennis early on a Saturday morning.

In summer - a from April - you'll be playing outdoors between 0800 and 1000.

In winter - October-March - there are indoor sessions running from 0700-0800 and 0800-0900.

The sessions give beginners and rusty rackets a chance to meet more players and to hone their skills during friendly doubles games.

A co-ordinator will pair up the players and get the ball rolling.

Sunday night social play - winter

Sunday night club night is open to all full and senior adult members. It runs from 6pm until 10pm in the dome and is normally self-supervised.

Ad-hoc dome booking - winter

Each dome season there are usually a few slots during the week that have not been booked in advance. These can be booked at short notice either online or via the office.

Summertime social play